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  • He said'turn your cell in your school

    "He said'turn your cell in your school and your monastery.' I had been trying to look at it best rs gold site like a kind of self love, and I truly believe I did get my thoughts together in there, and also in a lot of ways that I might not have at such a young age were it not for my incarceration. Prison is demoralizing, it's heartbreaking, and it's brutal."

    Even leaving prison was not easy. "I basically laid around doing nothing," Pillault tells me,"scared of seeing my older friends due to their negative habits and what I had at stake, returning once weekly to take a [urine test] in the halfway house and getting random visits from them." However, with assistance from the people at Dismas Charities Residential Re-Entry, that Pillault can't say enough good things about, he has slowly been putting on his feet.

    Pillault is now 25, a (relatively) free guy, and remaining with his mother once again. He is learning to drive. He plans to start college this year, which he hopes will help him locate a career in the audio market. He would also like to dabble in YouTube while he looks for a more stable job. And yes, he is still playing Runescape (now Old School Runescape).

    "I want to continue attending AA and NA meetings and make sure that I never get buy OSRS gold back where I was, since the emotion which I managed to discover through meditation and introspection throughout my time incarcerated has given me an entirely new outlook in life," Pillault says. "I am not 100 percent positive about the longer-term wants, but freedom is at the heart of these, because I would hazard a guess that I appreciate it more than the average American 20-something."