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Singapore Ringfinder #1

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  • Singapore Ringfinder #1

    Let me start the ball rolling..


    Willing to help search in:
    Singapore & Johore
    (or the following countries if I happen to be travelling there with my metal detector: India, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Philippines)

    Started hunting since May 2013
    Proficient in Relic hunting, Dirt hunting, Beach and Seawater hunting.

    Significant Records:
    More than 1 gold find in every 2 'untargeted' beach and seawater hunts
    Hunted for WWII relics at The Adam Park Project

    Machines used (current):
    Minelab CTX3030 (Minelab top of the line detector)
    XP Deus (XP Detectors top of the line detector)
    Teknetics T2 Ltd (Teknetics top of the line detector)
    Fishelab CZ-21 (Fisherlab top of the line water detector)

    Reward expected:
    Up to the owner of lost item (token sum to my next machine upgrade is most appreciated but not mandatory)
    Plus a photo of the 'return' for my blog (

    How to contact:
    You can post in this thread or private message me in this forum.

    What to expect when you request for my assistance:
    1. I will need full details of the item you lost.
    2. The estimated location that you lost it. The lesser the area of search, the higher the chance of recovery
    3. You will be on site when I conduct the search is most preferred
    4. A photo to be taken with you and your lost ring or item after it is found
    5. This service is only available after office hours since I am only doing this as a hobby.

    Thank you.
    Average of 1 gold in every 2 hunts
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