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Ancient Chinese coins in Japan

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  • Ancient Chinese coins in Japan

    Got lucky on recent hunts and found some coins for the first time. Usually I find Japanese 17-18-19th century coins, but rarely Chinese. And Chinese coins were imported to Japan in previous centuries in huge numbers. Still I rarely get to find them. And I love finding them as they are of excellent quality and design. They often come out of ground looking like they were dropped yesterday. When actually hundreds of year passed.

    Eiraku tsuho s.jpg

    Eiraku tsuho. It says it was minted in China from 1402-1424. Later exported to Japan in the 1500`s. And at a later point also produced in Japan. Almost impossible to say is this coin of Chinese or Japanese origin. Eventually it was banned in 1608. It is in nice condition and i like it a LOT.


    Kangxi Tsuho. Old Chinese coin made during the reign of Kangxi Emperor (1654 – 1722) in Qing Dynasty. Found in Japan.

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    Love how the coin came out.. the soil there has been good to the coins
    Keep them coming barcafana!


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      Yes, soil and material used. Usually the older coins come out looking better than the newer one. By older I mean pre-17th c. In later centuries copper became scarce and the quality of the newly minted coins was really bad. Even back then people called such coins "Bitasen" or the poor quality coins. So it is not just because they were in the ground for so long. Anyway from the coins we are using now, there will hardly be anything left if in the ground for 300+ years!