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3 day beach hunt

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  • 3 day beach hunt

    Had a nice adventure again. Hit some resort beaches and did some sightseeing along the way. Saw Mt. Fuji finally! Breathtaking even from far away.
    In three days i detected on four beaches. Found ¥12000 = $ 120. Three sterling silver rings and quite a bit of costume jewelry. Never before i found that many junk rings and earrings. Hated it as every time it made me get excited only to see it was junk. Especially one tungsten gold coated ring. Looked great in the sand. I was sure it is going to be gold and then bull...
    Fun level was great as always. Found a beer buried in the sand. And drunk it! LOL. Then another fun discovery. Found a dropped wallet on the beach. It had some money inside. Of course i did not take anything and i removed the wallet from the place where it could be swept away by tide. I put it in a visible spot for the owner to find it. I hope anyway he found it.
    Also i removed a ton of trash from the beaches and found 8 kilo of lead. Found some divers weights. Carried it all the way to the car and i did not park right at the beach as to avoid parking fee! But it will be wroth it once i learn how to turn lead into gold

    Resort place. Around 5am. Detected throughout the night.

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    keep it up dude...


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      i sure will. thanks!