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Short park hunt

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  • Short park hunt

    Did a 2 hour hunt in a wooded area surrounding the city park. Got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Got to get that mosquito head net finally.
    Anyway got some modern coins. 92 JPY. Found a recent coin spill. Just lying in the grass. That is always fun to collect.
    Then a cheap watch. It was buried shallow next to a young cherry tree. I wonder it was lost by the same guy who planted it. Maybe he put it aside while working or it just fell off. Seems likely he did not notice when he covered it with dirt and after it was too late. And the last find before bugs chased me away was this Buddhist medallion. First time to find such. Seems it comes from a famous temple in Nagano prefecture, Japan. No idea how old. Not too old i presume.
    That`s all. Oh and i am not going back in to the woods until i get that bloody net to protect my face!

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    If only that's a ROLEX watch! hahaha...
    Nice little hunt there! Keep them coming!