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K18 ring, $100 in Japanese Yen. Raid on Japanese southern virgin beach.

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  • K18 ring, $100 in Japanese Yen. Raid on Japanese southern virgin beach.

    Sweet sweet times! Wife was out of town and i was free as a bird. For a while now i was eyeing a beach about 200km south from where i live. I had really good feeling about it and that it will be worth going for it despite the effort of driving to there and the gasoline cost. Took me 4 hours to arrive. Not much fast roads available in the mountains of west Japan. Arrived around 6pm, grabbed faithful ATPro, which was already setup and waiting in the back. I decided to first leave the Fisher CZ21 inside until i probe the beach with the ATpro. You have to love ATPro`s target ID. It just tells you everything you need to know.
    No time to lose! I had until late tomorrow afternoon, when i had to go back to pick up the missus from the airport. There was a group of about 20 men at the beach setting up nets for beach volleyball tournament they were having on the weekend. But no one of them bothered me and there was just one short question out of curiosity of what am i looking for.
    The very first signal came 5 secs after coil touched the ground. And immediately a good one. A 100 yen coin. That would be $1 US. The next one immediately after. And then only 5 min into the hunt comes a 46-47-67 on ATPro. From my experience that is gold. Not foil, but gold. Foil would stay in the forties and would not have that jump in 67. I was in the dry sand, about 2m from wending machines and about 30m away from the sea. Slowly dug the hole and could see the yellow shine. One last thought of "is it a foil"? But then "No it isn`t"! Gold ring baby! Next thought was "Today is the day! I am going to find twenty of these babies" Ring was stamped K18 Pt. and 0.03. As it was part platinum and had some stones in it. Please see photo.
    That first day i hunted until midnight. Used headlamp and was walking around the beach until i could not focus on the targets any more. Decided to call it a day. Oh and a word of advice if you don`t mind. If you are going to be buying a headlamp, for night hunts, buy one which has red light option. Because each time i turned the white light on i was swarmed by flies and all sorts of bugs. Could not hunt like that. Switching to red light, made the bugs disappear. Visibility with the red light is not that great, but better than with bugs in your face.

    I spent the night in the car and at the first sight of dawn i was out again. Coins kept coming. But the rings were nowhere to be found. After that great first find, five minutes into the hunt expectations were high. Around noon i got a solid 89-90 hit. Thought it will be a nice .925 and sure it was. At least another ring. Two mins later came another one. Tiny 925. I thought i might have a collection point there and gridded the spot carefully. Out came countless coins and a fake ring. That was it. No more rings on this hunt. Not even costume jewelry. In the end i gave a chance to CZ21 and it found me two more pieces of silver and a couple more coins. That was it. End of the hunt. I was ready to say goodbye to this beach. I would definitely like to visit again after this swimming season ends.

    At home i counted the coins. There were 146 coins total. 4x500 yen, 43x100 yen, 21x50 yen, 60x10yen, 7x5yen, 10x1yen coin and one old Japanese coin from around 17th century. I had 10005JPY = $100 US. Previously unthinkable amount. Had a bag full of trash as well. Mostly pull tabs. Did not count pieces of trash, but is quite possible that the ratio was an amazing 1:1!

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    What an amazing beach! Congrats on the great finds!