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Japanese military badge WW2 and a set of black false teeth

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  • Japanese military badge WW2 and a set of black false teeth

    Found these things yesterday. Only a few finds but all quite exciting. I hiked for about two hours, followed through the dense bamboo growth by a cloud of asian tiger mosquitoes. All i found was a single musket ball. Then finally noticed some old bricks lying in the mud. There was iron signals everywhere. Had to max out the iron disc on atpro. I dug some iron tools but reburied it as those were big and heavy and no way i could continue hunting with all that iron in my pouch. I knew i must have stumbled upon an old homestead and abandoned rice terrace fields. There was no modern rubbish or any traces of someone had visited the place in a while. At first except the iron i was not hearing any other targets, even with the iron disc at 40. And then like always is, i got two good targets one after another and only maybe 20 cm apart. First was a Japanese 1 sen coin from 1919. Nothing special about it. Found these before and of no collectors value. Quite disappointing after all the trouble i thought. But the next target made everything well. Some kind of military badge popped out! I could recognize the anchor on it right away, and the pin was still intact on the back. I did not want to rub it any further. I hope it would be solid silver but as it was just plated i did not want to remove any of the shiny coating. I wrapped it into some leafs for safe keeping until i am back home and very much excited doing the online research about the find. Then 2 m away from i dug a piece of foil and this black false teeth. That was a freaky moment finding something like that so middle of nowhere. The material these were made of felt like baked clay. Nothing modern for sure. Front teeth were missing. Almost like knocked out. I thought what was that all about and is it related to the military badge i found. I hunted for one more hour before i had to go back. It was late afternoon and getting dark in the forest. Found some broken china and a bottle dump. I took two old bottles back home. Will put up photo later.

    Made an ID on the badge quickly. It says it is an award given by military to civilian. So not a soldiers badge.
    "This is a WWII Japanese badge. Issued to a representative of an unknown government group. The Japanese created a series of badges for distribution to civilians. In many cases the mottiff for the badges had military undertones. However, these were not military awards. These items were created as a means to promote and support the Army, navy and Air Force. some of them were issued to veterans from those organizations."
    You can read more about it here:

    And the black set of false teeth are a bizarre story. Apparently 100+ years ago in Japan and Asia it was a custom for married woman to dye their teeth black. The custom is called Ohaguro in Japan. I guess these belonged to an older woman who even when lost her teeth replaced them with false teeth also in black. Why did she lost it and why the front teeth are missing...? We`ll probably never know. Btw i left the it where i found it. Buried it back.

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    Thank you for sharing! I would love to hunt alongside you one day! The places you have access to are just out of this world. I am full of envy!


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      Hey man you just have to go out. It is all out there and free for everyone. Adventure is waiting