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Safety when out Metal Detecting - the opportunistic claimant

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  • Safety when out Metal Detecting - the opportunistic claimant

    As there are more and more metal detectorists in Asia, we start to see more instances of uncovered holes, discarded trash in the field, nosy onlookers, valuable item claimants etc.

    We have all got to know why it is important to cover holes that we have dug and discard trash into the rightful bins. However, little is discussed about how to handle onlookers and onlookers who turned into claimants of valuable objects that you have just dug.

    I would thus like to take this opportunity to share some of the things that I have learned along the way here so that beginners in this hobby may benefit from what I have learned so far and hopefully from others who will add onto the points that I am going to list here.
    1. Wear a pair of headphones - this is so that onlookers cannot heard if you have found something and come too close for comfort
    2. When picking up blings that you have found in the sand, do not inspect it on the spot when there are people around. Just keep in the finds pouch immediately and inspect it when back in the car or home.
    3. Try to hunt at night. And when you find any blings, always switch off your torch as soon as you see it, reach out your hand to grab it and then keep immediately into pouch.
    4. When people ask what you are doing, always reply politely that you are trying to look for a lost item (for example car keys/remote) so that it is less likely to draw more attention than you need.
    5. If somehow, you were too slow and an onlooker turned into an opportunistic claimant of your find, do not let go of your find. Hold it tight and offer to go to the police station immediately to have his claim checked out. According to common law (which is applicable in most countries), the person who possesses the item at the point in time will have the benefit of laying claims to the item. And if there is no significant proof of unique marks that the claimant can describe on the item, then it will go to the possessor.
    6. When posting a find on the forums, facebook or any social sites, do not show the markings on the photo. The markings are what enables you to link the real owner to the item. By showing it all and disclosing too much info, you will again give opportunity to the opportunistic claimant.
    Please feel free to add onto the above points if you have any.