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  • Visited a coins exhibition

    Local history museum had a coins exhibition. Of course i had to go. Entrance fee was free as well! Really enjoyed seeing all the old coins nicely presented. There were Japanese and coins of Chinese origin. The coins were found on various archaeological digs around the town. Mostly they buried as grave offerings. Hundreds of them in each grave. Pots full of copper coins all fuzed together. I was looking for coins that i my self was finding while metal detecting in the woods. A couple of i managed to recognize. Of course those were the most common coins. Also i had a chance to chat with an archaeologist there. I told him about my interest in coins and he seemed glad because of it. And he answered all my questions. Also he showed me the rarest coin they had. It is an Wado-kaichin coin, from the 8th century, Nara period Japan. It is the oldest official Japanese coinage and only 4 have been found in the region where i live. Of course it is on my "To find" list now . Enjoy the photos!

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    Those are beautiful collections. Thank you for sharing.