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Brief introduction: Testing the Deteknix Wireless Headphones

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  • Brief introduction: Testing the Deteknix Wireless Headphones

    There been many Metal Detectorists out there who's been trying to get the best bluetooth wireless headphones to make their detecting easier. But in many instances, they were disappointed with the lag of the Bluetooth technology.

    Today, I was presented 2 new models from Deteknix. The W3 and the W6 Wireless headphones. (difference is the plug sizes: W3 for 3.5mm and W6 for the 6mm)

    Deteknix W6.jpg W6 wireless module.jpg
    Deteknix W3.jpg W3 wireless module.jpg

    First impression, the casing is nice. The headphones well packed in bubble wrap. The transmitter came with converters to convert 3.5mm to 6mm and vice versa for the W6 model.
    Charging cables included and looks easy to understand.
    There are 2 big rubber rings which allows you to attach the transmitter to the shaft of your machine.

    Did some really quick test with these while also testing out the new Fisherlab F44, and I must say I didn't recognise any real lags.
    According to Deteknix, the lag is supposed to be 0.06s.
    It is also great to note that the transmitter is splashproof.
    Pairing the transmitter and the headphones were - idiotproof. Just power on the transmitter, then the headphones (within 10m of each other) and wala... you are ready to rock and roll.
    Only thing that I didn't like about the transmitter is that it only works for 4 hours on a full charge. Maybe Deteknix will consider how endusers can extend the battery power or enable use of changeable cell batteries.

    All-in-all, I would say it is a good product. Especially for those who find the dangling wires of your headphones a pain to work with.

    Specifications from their site:
    .Transfer no distortion audio
    .Only 0.06s delay
    .Splash-proof structure
    .1 touch button control
    .6 hours working time .
    .Long spring cable
    .Easy to attach & secure
    .USB rechargeable
    .Light weight headphone
    .No interference with VLF PI detectors
    .Do not effect detectors warranty
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