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Where to buy Metal Detector in Asia?

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  • Where to buy Metal Detector in Asia?

    Questions asked every time when I am hunting at the beach...
    1. What are you doing?
    2. Hunting for Gold? *snigger snigger*
    3. What is the thing you are using there?
    4. Where do you buy a metal detector?
    Questions #1 and #3 are from people who are genuinely interested to know and are mostly courteous and respectful. And I always answer them happily and let them know how I am helping to clean the beach which hunting for some coins and memorabilia. Most of the time, they will then ask if I found anything valuable before which I will happily say that it is possible to find silver or gold jewelry if you are lucky.

    Question #2 with the sniggers is what I hate most. These people look at you like you are crazy, not realizing that I just pulled hundreds of sharp metallic objects that would've cut him, his wife or his kids. Oh, but then again, I love showing them the photos of GOLD that I have found to shut them up... the look amazement on their face - priceless.

    Anyway, the key question that has been asked many times is really Question #4. Onlookers whose interests have been piqued by me.
    The million dollar question: "Where do I buy Metal Detectors if I am from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Pakistan, etc etc?"

    To be honest, I had the hardest time trying to buy a metal detector online. I had considered the following options then:
    1. Buy a used one from the forums
    2. Buy from a USA dealer and have it sent to a friend's USA address and then reship it to Singapore
    3. Buy from a USA dealer and have a mail forwarding service such as vPost shipping it to reship it to Singapore
    You would ask why can't the USA dealers ship directly to Asia. And the reason is because the vendors or manufacturers forbade them from shipping overseas. Even if they allow, most are wary of the large amount of fraud cases in Asia and are reluctant to sell to Asians here.

    I chose option #2. It was a long tedious process of waiting and waiting and the fear of the machine arriving DoA (dead on arrival) was very real. For machines that are not cheap, just like my XP Deus, it was a huge gamble. A gamble I'd wish I never have to take. Luckily, I did get my items in order in a few weeks time. But those few weeks of anxiety is something I hope nobody has to go through anymore.

    Now the good news! MDF Store at now carries a variety of brands of metal detectors, some of which are in stock but even if it is not in stock, you may pre-order from them and save yourself some anxiety about DoA issues and warranty claiming issues for those purchased overseas.

    Need a recommendation on what Metal Detectors you should buy? You can ask them too. Or you can post here and I will be more than happy to help.

    Happy Hunting & Good Luck!