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Which detector is the one for you?

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  • Which detector is the one for you?

    In my previous post, I had written about how difficult it was to buy a metal detector in Singapore and/or the rest of Asia. Refer to the following link to the article
    And showing you where you can now purchase it with ease of mind in Singapore and/or Asia.

    In this post, I will discuss about the most difficult 1st decision that you will be making to embark on this hobby. Why 1st? That's because after choosing the metal detector, you will be looking for a scoop or a digging shovel, boots, gloves, and the list just keeps going...

    So which detector is right for you?

    Before embarking on an attempt to answer this question, I will tell you what NOT to consider when choosing a detector..
    1. There is no BEST detector in the world, there's only what's most suitable for the application that you intend to use it for
    2. The most expensive and latest model is NOT necessarily the better machine
    3. Not all detectors are made equal even if they are made for the same purpose, they may not perform the same under different environment
    So, how do you choose which detector is best for you?

    Now, what I intend to do now is not to tell you what brand to buy... but how to look for the detector that suit the place that you intend to hunt.
    To understand more about your own needs, you need to first ask yourself a few questions:
    1. Do you plan to hunt in the water? If so, is it in saltwater or freshwater? Is it fully submerged or just wading in the water?
    2. Or do you just plan to hunt at the water edge, where the sand is wet... is it saltwater edge or freshwater edge? is the sand heavily mineralised? black sand?
    3. Do you plan to dig it all or do you want to be able to discriminate out the iron?
    4. Do you plan to hunt for relics?
    5. Do you plan to hunt for gold nuggets?
    6. Do you plan to hunt for huge gold cache?
    Now, once you can answer these questions, you will be able to shortlist to just a few brands' specific models for your application purpose.

    You are right if you say these post did not help you decide what is the right detector at all... but what it had done was help you understand what you need and what you do not need.
    In the end, you will still be doing lots of research before deciding which to buy... a few ways to conduct more research:
    1. Ask or observe the detectorists who are detecting in the area that interests you, check out what they are using
    2. Ask to test machines of interests from detectorists (you may consider testing used machines that are put on sale on the internet in your area)
    3. Ask to test machines at a metal detecting clinic/roadshow/demo or in a retail shop
    4. Watch Youtube / online reviews, head to head tests
    5. Ask forumers on the forums, most are very willing to share their knowledge and experience
    I hope the above will help you understand more about what you should be looking for in a unit of your choice. It will be the machine that's going to find your first coin, the first gold or that first diamond ring... or that treasure cache! So, choose wisely.

    If unsure, do feel free to PM me, I will try my best to assist you in understanding what you need.
    If you have already understood what you need, then it will be just the simple decision of whether you want to buy local and support local business or buy overseas and risk DOA and other support issues.

    Cheers, good luck and happy hunting!

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    I am looking to buy a metal detector but am unsure if it will suit my purpose. You mentioned that it is possible to test out machines from other detectorists or shops? Where in Singapore do I find these shops/people? Been looking everywhere for them!! D=
    Thank you in advance!


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      Hi Denise, you can find us on Facebook. Search for MDF Discussion Group. We have a local community that's always happy to help.


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        Denise, I guess you are totally new to this hobby. If you have read the first post in this thread, my guess is you have some idea what type of hunting you would like to do. Maybe you can share your thoughts with me and I can try to match to your ideas.