Here's an article found on the blog which I thought would be of interest to newbies looking for a metal detector:

Why I choose the Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Combo package

I live in Canada and our coin now are made of steel plated with zinc and nickel. The old one was made in silver before 1968 and after 68 they were made with copper ,zinc,nickel so it was very easy to detect this coinage but since year 2000 they changed the nickel and zinc coin for that cheap steels.
So I have a serious problem because mostly metal detector will detect coin at all metal mode but not on discrimination. So each time I will detect a new coin I'll have to put my detector in all metal mode to detect it.

I said to myself I don't want to put my detector to detect all metal mode and dig all trash that the ground can contend, no way.

So I've tried all those metal detectors to know which one was the best for our coins? And I found the Fisher F2 that was able to detect all new Canadian coins including the old ones and US,Euro coinage too.

All Bounty Hunter models and the Tesoro (with a low discrimination) are able to detect new Canadian coins and the Whites Coinmaster too. But the others one like Garrett Ace 150, 250, Euro Ace and up, and many Teknetics models, Fisher F5, F70, F75 are not able to detect new Canadian coins in the coin range.
They will all detect these coins but in all metal mode only, not on discrimination.

The discrimination is the mode that can not reach certain metals like the steel, foil, nickel, tab, 1ยข zinc, dime, quarter, all in that order.
The Fisher F2 have a fast target response compared to those Garrett, Tesoro and Bounty Hunter models. The average deep for the F2 for a US Quarter is about 6 to 8 inch deep in the ground.
For the ones that would like to do prospecting for gold nugget.

The F2 is able to balance itself in all metal mode to the ground and over HOT ROCKS without detecting those one. Hot Rocks are stones with steel minerals in it and it will beep beep on metal detectors.

So it's very important that your metal detector is able to cancel it because you will dig all those rocks instead of gold nugget and of course in all metal mode only. But not on discrimination. The discrimination will shut the sound off on the detector over a tiny gold nugget. All others models will detect those rocks. Its the only model on (16 Models) that I found that is able to do this without ground balancing manually with a knob or by a press on a bouton.I can detect a gold nugget 1/8 inch size at 2 inches deep in the ground and bigger nuggets more deeper .Which metal detectors do balance itself to the ground naturally. Answer is any. All metal detectors for gold prospecting have a manual ground balance and you have to ajust all the time depending the ground you are hunting on .For 200$ which one will do better ? Answer is any . At this price range you will not find a detector that is doing all this, for coins shooting,relics hunting and gold prospecting. But if you are planning to buy a metal detector please dont loose your time and money buying China detectors.