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A good spot up in the mountain

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  • A good spot up in the mountain

    If you are going to be metal detecting in Japan (anywhere else besides beaches) be prepared to do lots of hiking. Almost all forest areas are mountains and hills. Forget about rice fields. Even if you get a permission to hunt one, from my experience there is nothing to be found. The way rice fields are worked, by being flooded every year, means objects sink in the mud much deeper than in the regular fields. Also planting rice needs very shallow ploughing, so the deep objects are not coming up ever again. I tried it and all i was finding was light aluminium and tin trash. Very disappointing. Maybe someone else made different experience but i doubt it. In the end what you are left with are difficult to reach, free to be hunted areas, up in the mountains. But for your hard work of hiking up to there, and braving the heat and animals standing in the way, you are rewarded by fantastic nature, great workout and loads of relics and old coins. Japanese mountains have seen lots of human traffic throughout history. So targets are not scarce at all, as one might think of such remote hunting grounds. I found another good spot two days ago, that brought me about 20 old Japanese coins. Don`t know the exact age as there is no year on them. But these Kanei Tsuhou cash coins were used in 17th and 18th century, so pretty old. Love finding those! All are copper and bronze.

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    These are amazing photos! Keep them coming!