After a month of anxious waiting, (anxious because, there were 3 boxes of shipment and my friend had sent it without insurance!) a box finally arrived on 11th June 2013 with the other 2 nowhere in sight!
But luckily, it was the most expensive piece that arrived first... here's a glimpse what came out from the box.

xp deus arrived.jpg
The whole family was excited, especially the kids and me, the big kid. I quickly took out all the pieces and assembled them. (it was a no-brainer, very easy and no wires at all - I am so glad I chose this state-of-the-art wireless model as my first machine)
Ok, I was so excited, I forgot to take photos of how it looked like before and after assembly.
But here's a link below for your viewing pleasure, nothing different from mine except I am better looking than him. So, I'd like to think. Haha..

So, with the settings that I found and configured onto the machine and air tested it a little, I took the entire family, along with the machine and a spade (my sand scoop hadn't arrived yet) and we went to the nearest beach which is a stone's throw away from my place.

And this is what we found: (can you even feel our disappointment?)
1st hunt.jpg

Unhappy and worried about my results... *oh well, I am one of those newbies who thought I now have the uncanny ability to find GOLD on every hunt* I contacted my dealer in US and asked him if there's anything I was to be worried about.
He then told me that I should be happy that I found pull tabs since Gold is in the same ID range (more about ID later) and it means, nobody is hunting in my current location. (not true, which I learned later)

Now, to hope and pray that my other 2 boxes of goods arrived safely before a planned trip to Penang with my family ~ hunting trip on Batu Ferringhi Beach!

I hope I find bling with ice there... (bling = precious metal, ice = diamond) More about the trip later..