Now, all of you would think, the arrival of a detector means, you now have the sudden 'X-ray' capability to look into the ground and pick up coins, silver and gold ~ Wrong!

There is just so much about metal detecting that you cannot even imagine. But not to be mistaken, there are 2 paths available: Simple or Complex.

There are machines that are made to be simple. To allow kids and adults alike to be able to just switch on and go. Machines like the BountyHunters which are low priced and allows one to quickly pick up the hobby, try it out, without bursting hole in their wallet.

But I was the crazy one. I was not to be outdone. Like all hobbies and things that I do, if I want to do it, I want the best results.

Hence, fortunately or unfortunately, it equated to an early investment of USD2000 (
US$2029.95 to be exact) into a hobby which will soon consume my life. (ok, this is just for the dramatic effect)

The truth is, I researched and I researched.

There's this saying ~ When you are learning something, at the start, you think there's so much you need to learn. Then, as you learned, you realised that there are much more that you do not know.

If the above saying holds truth, which in my case it does, it means that any little research became a new distributary to another stream of knowledge that I just needed to consume.

And so, while waiting for my metal detector to arrive, I embarked on the most active hunt for knowledge... to learn more about my XP Deus before it arrived. I wanted to know what are the best settings to the places that I intend to hunt, and of course, little need to be said, due to the influence of Peter Kennett and his posts about Sentosa, I intend to hunt Sentosa Siloso Beach!

Search - I did. It was a tiresome journey, going through pages and pages of reviews, clips of videos, thousands of posts.. I then realised that I had not done my homework well enough. The Deus was not good for hunting in the water ~ at least, not for salt water. (although there are few who will swear to their success in the saltwater with the Deus as can be seen on Youtube) Well, I will tell you more about the Deus later...

The deed was done, the order was placed, there's nothing I can do now except to make the best out of my decision and to find all the settings that I need.. and to learn how to yield the best results to find Treasure! (or blings or precious, as some of them are called)

So, take my word for it, when you plan to get a metal detector, ask around, read more reviews, watch more video clips, don't read just the good reviews, also read about the bad ones. Learn everything you can about your metal detector of choice, find the settings that may be applicable to your hunting location of choice.

This will prepare you when your detector finally arrive... but trust me, you will never be too prepared. You will soon learn, it is not just the machine, it is the skill in how you wield your machine, how you study your site and how you optimise your hunting time.

Be warned, this is highly addictive. You will soon be glad you took up this hobby.